-No appointment, first come first serve, full is full.

-We tattoo only flash (ours and others) and pre drawn one-off designs on Saturdays. We do not draw on the day, that is what appointments are for.

-One-off designs get tattooed once and are then binned and not tattooed again.

-Every week we add to the one-off designs.

-One-off designs and flash can only be viewed in the shop. They won’t be posted or emailed on request.

-All resident artists do walk ins every Saturday. (with exceptions of working at conventions, travel, etc)

-Contact guestartists to see if they are participating, or check social media.

-Prices depend on the placement, design, size and detail, but start at 100 Euro's.  Just come in, if you see something you like, ask for the price. We are more than happy to help you!

* We never know how busy it gets. Some Saturdays people are queueing up from 9 in the morning, other days it’s quiet and you can walk in during the day.


We often have space for walk ins during the week. This can be before, inbetween or after custom tattoo appointments or because there is a cancelation.

Please feel free to drop by, we are open from 12 to 7,  and discuss your idea or pick from our flashwall or one off books.


-FLASH is a number of designs, specifically made for tattoo purposes, placed together on a sheet of paper. Usually they are made in a set of multiple sheets. Meant to hang on the walls of tattoo shops, to be picked from by customers and tattooed. (not every painting by a tattoo-artist is flash and sometimes even unsuitable, because not specifically made, to use as such)

-ONE-OFFS are drawings pre-made by a tattoo artists that are to be tattooed only once. Usually they are linedrawings to be colored and shaded while tattooed.

-CUSTOM DESIGNS are specifically made for one client, usually by their direction and specifications. To be used on that client only.

*NEVER take designs or tattoos from the internet, or anywhere else, and use them for your own tattoos, or anything else for that matter. They all have copyright.

Buying flash (not paintings or prints) will give you the right to use them for tattoos only.

IDEAS AND THEMES are nobodies property, but you would not want your own custom tattoo, that may have a very special meaning to you, copied. A good tattoo artist, who has integrity, will tell you this and will offer to draw you something in the same theme as the tattoo/design you like so much.