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Angelique takes appointments by email.

Please read the section below on prices,

what info is required from you, etc.

Please do NOT email multiple tattooers for one tattoo. Pick the tattooer you want to get tattooed by. If they can’t do it they will refer you to an other artist.

Please email me the specifics about your tattoo idea, about what you want in there (and definitely not). Please send along any images you have that you think will clarify your idea. I want to draw something by your guidelines, but I will advise you on what I think will work well or possible other options for your tattoo that will make the design better.

Where on your body would you like the tattoo and what is the approximate size you want it in? 

I don’t come up with or decide for you what tattoo image to have. Your input and ideas will make your tattoo more unique and will give me something fun to work with.

So, when you request an appointment I need: WHAT, WHERE AND SIZETo avoid miscommunications please read tattooinfo!

My rate for session work is  €150,- an hour with a drawing fee of €150,-. (This is because typically I spend twice as much time on drawing the design as I do on the actual tattoo). Smaller tattoos are priced per piece.

*If you have a specific budget for a tattoo, do let me know.

About a week before your appointment I will draw and email you the drawing, which you can respond to.

Photo’s by Fotofloor for Inked magazine Australia

Inspired by vintage Sydney police file photo’s.

Photo’s by Fotofloor

for the Tattoo Mystique book,

published by Outré gallery.


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Booking info:

nipple/areola tattoos

Angelique makes realistic nipple

tattoos for breastcancer warriors.

More info here nippletattoo

Every Saturday we do walk ins. No appointment, first come, first serve, flash and one off designs only.